ABC Friday Night Movie

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70718. ABC Friday Night Movie. October 31, 1975. ABC-TV net audio aircheck. "The Night That Panicked America". Participating sponsors. A dramatic recreation of the events during and following the Orson Welles broadcast of, "The War Of The Worlds." Paul Shenar (as Orson Welles), Vic Morrow, Cliff DeYoung, Michael Constantine, Walter McGinn, Eileen Brennan, Meredith Baxter, Tom Bosley, Will Geer, John Ritter, Granville Van Dusen, Burton Gilliam, Joshua Bryant, Ron Rifkin, Walker Edmiston, Casey Kasem, Marcus J. Grapes, Liam Dunn, Shelley Morrison, Art Hannes (as an announcer), Byron Webster, Clarke Gordon, Linda Dano, Tracy Brooks Swope, Hanna Hertelendy, Robert Lussier, Ed Bakey, Joseph Sargent (director), Anthony Wilson (executive producer), Joseph Sargent (producer), Nicholas Meyer (writer and teleplay writer: he was nominated for an Emmy), Anthony Wilson (teleplay writer: he was nominated for an Emmy), Howard Koch (author), Paul Stewart (creative consultant), Frank Comstock (music), Bud S. Isaacs (editor, was nominated for an Emmy), Tony Radecki (editor, was nominated for an Emmy), George Jay Nicholson (editor, nominated for an Emmy). 1:59:51. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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