Ack-Ack, Beer Beer

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86610. Ack-Ack, Beer Beer. February 21, 1944. Program #324. BBC. The last show of the series. The program is described as, "the BBC's longest variety run." A show put on by and for the amusement of the, "anti-aircraft, balloon commands and coast artillery." The first tune is, "Strike Up The Band." The program boasts two orchestras. A final quiz. Kenneth Horne (host), The Royal Artillery Theatre Orchestra, Alfred Dunning (producer), Freda Sanderson (an off-key soprano), Paul Fennelly (conductor), Bill Waddington (comedian), Galla Moss (? bass), Frederick Pyle, Bill McClurg, The Balloon Command Choir, Harry Rogers (sound effects), Bill Leslie (control engineer). 41:37. Audio condition: Very good. Complete.

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