Actualities About The Death Of Adlai Stevenson

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103943. Actualities About The Death Of Adlai Stevenson. July 15, 1965. U.P.I.. A closed-circuit feed of reactions and eulogies after the announcement of Stevenson's death Two stock market reports are also heard. Everett Dirksen (eulogy), Adlai Stevenson (by recording), John McCormick (House Speaker, eulogy), Gerald Ford (House Republican leader), Lyndon Johnson, Frank Carlson (Senator, Kansas), Paul Douglas (Senator, Illinois), Jacob Javits (Senator, New York), Robert Kennedy (Senator, New York), Jody Love (stock market report), Don McKay (U.P.I. London), Gladwyn Jebb (Lord Gladwyn, from London), Scott Peters (U.P.I. stock market report), Sal Marchiano (slate announcer). 23:13. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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