Albert Gore Jr. et al Vs. Katherine Harris et al

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

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70878. Albert Gore Jr. et al Vs. Katherine Harris et al. December 2, 2000. Pool feed, C-SPAN audio aircheck. Sustaining. The two-day trial held at the Leon County Circuit Court, Tallahassee, Florida. Judge Sanders Sauls, presiding. The recording concludes with the judge reading his verdict at about 4:30 P. M. on December 4, 2000. Sanders Sauls, David Boies (attorney for Gore-Lieberman), Barry Richard (attorney for Bush-Cheney), Joe Klock (attorney for the Florida Secretary Of State), Deeno Kitchen (attorney for Gore-Lieberman), Kimball Brace (witness: president of Election Data Services), Steve Zack (attorney for Gore-Lieberman), Phil Beck (attorney for Bush-Cheney), Nicholas Hengartner (witness: Associate Professor of Statistics, Yale University), Jeff Robinson (attorney for Gore-Lieberman), Charles Burton (witness), Fred Bartlit (attorney for Bush-Cheney), Richard Grossman (witness: rubber expert), Laurentius Marais (witness: statistician), Irv Terrell (attorney for Bush-Cheney), John Ahmann (witness: voting machine expert), William Rohloff (witness: a voter who chose to not for for president), Thomas Spencer (witness: attorney and election official in Dade County), Thomas Spargo (witness: Dade County Canvassing Board observer), Mark Lampkin (witness: Miami-Dade vote count observer), Shirley King (witness: Election Supervisor of Nassau County), Terry Madigan (attorney for a voter-intervenor), Matt Butler (witness), Keith Temple (witness), Theresa Cruce (witness), Janet Seymour (witness), Dexter Douglass (attorney for Gore-Lieberman), Michael Mullin (attorney for Nassau County), Andrew Meyers (attorney for Broward County), William Jennings (attorney for six Florida voters), Robert Vezina (attorney for former Florida House Speaker John Thrasher), George Terwilliger (attorney for Governor Bush), Terre Cass (Leon County Court Administrator). 19:05:02. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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