American Radio Newsreel

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86668. American Radio Newsreel. October 2, 1939. Ayers-Prescott syndication. "All-Star Interviews." Alexander Kerensky, "the former Premier of Russia," discusses the European situation. When asked if Russia's invasion of Poland is going to lead to war, he answers, "It's possible." The voices sound as if they were dubbed from a film newsreel or another source. Aboard the liner "Manhattan" (at a New York pier), Elsa Maxwell, Norma Shearer and Grace Moore are interviewed. Patsy Kelly is heard from, "Leon and Eddie's." At "The New York Police Show" at Madison Square Garden, Mayor Fiorello La Guardia and Governor (New York) Herbert Lehman are heard. The program ends with a phoney interview with a seller of hot dogs (Walter Kinsella?). Mike Blair (interviewer), Walter Kinsella (announcer), Alexander Kerensky, Elsa Maxwell, Norma Shearer, Grace Moore, Patsy Kelly, Fiorello La Guardia, Herbert Lehman. 15:56. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

86661. American Radio Newsreel. October 4, 1939. Ayers-Prescott syndication ("Radio City, New York"). Sustaining. "All-Star Interviews," starting with a recording made at the Rhineland Cafe in New York City. Fritz Kuhn is throwing a party on behalf of The German-American Bund. Mr. Kuhn says, "We're going to fight for neutrality." "We are 100% American." A celebration of Germany's victory over Poland. A visit to "Armando's," a famous nightclub, to visit Mary O'Neal (a socialite). Mike forgets her name and calls her "Marion." Backstage at The Wintergarden, Olsen and Johnson are throwing a party. They're celebrating the 500th performance (first anniversary) of "Hellzapoppin'." From "Ciro's," Mary Bryan is interviewed. Mike Blair (interviewer), Walter Kinsella (announcer), Fritz Kuhn, Mary O'Neal, Ole Olsen, Chic Johnson, Yvonne Bouvier, Mary Bryan. 14:15. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

86662. American Radio Newsreel. October 6, 1939. Ayers-Prescott syndication ("Radio City, New York"). Sustaining. "All-Star Interviews." Mike Blair is introduced as being, at twenty-one years old, "the youngest announcer in radio." At the opening of "The Versailles Club," Sophie Tucker is interviewed. She tells about her theme song, "Some Of The Days," which is now twenty-seven years old. She's asked about the war in Europe. Michael Whalen and George Jessel are also interviewed at the nightclub. Jessel tells a vaudeville story about Sophie and a midget act! Ann Miller is interviewed. At the Polish Building of the New York World's Fair, Milton Hull describes the interior of the building. Regrets are expressed that the country does not exist any more. A Polish waiter is interviewed (Walter Kinsella in dialect?). A remote from St. Patrick's Cathedral before the funeral of Charles Schwab, the steel magnate. Former Governor (of New York) Alfred E. Smith speaks briefly, as does Oscar Of The Waldorf. A cab driver is interviewed (Walter Kinsella in dialect?). The whole show sounds as if it were assembled from recordings. Mike Blair, Sophie Tucker, Michael Whalen, George Jessel, Ann Miller, Milton Hull, Walter Kinsella (announcer, performer), Alfred E. Smith, Oscar Of The Waldorf. 13:38. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

66343. American Radio Newsreel. December 1939. Program #5. Ayers-Prescott syndication. Sustaining. A rare example of a pre-war newscast using actuality recordings. "News...recorded on the scene of action." "A headline-hunting expedition on the scene of action on the newsfronts of the world." "U.S. vessel ("The Moore McTide") sales for Norway on a test of neutrality law." (Armand Lopez interviews the captain and the radio operator). Garnett Marx interviews Viner Brooke, the only "white ranee in the world" (she's the ranee of Sarawak). "Otis Skinner reminisces on sixty years before the footlights." Eric Corkhurst interviews the actress. "Backstage with Martha Raye" (Bill Harding interviews her). Armand Lopez, at an airport, interviews Roland Robinson, a member of Parliament. Armand Lopez, Viner Brooke, Otis Skinner, Eric Corkhurst, Martha Raye, Bill Harding, Roland Robinson, Eric Pommer (producer), James Cleminger (announcer), Alan Barnes (announcer), Joseph Johnstone (editor), Garnett Marx. 14:37. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

106619. American Radio Newsreel. March 22, 1940. Ayers-Prescott syndication. Sustaining. James Farley announces his candidacy, Frankie Frisch speaks about Dizzy Dean and the upcoming baseball season. Golfer Frank Adams (former president of Jergens Soap) gives advice to young golfers. Cartoonist Peter Arno is interviewed in a New York City nightclub about the unusual secret of his success. Alan Hale conducts an auction in Virginia City, Nevada. The first item for sale is the corner of a building that recently collapsed. The winning bid is placed by William Boyd. Brad Smith (of KRGB, Alamo, Texas) describes the crash of a Missouri Pacific train with a truck. Twenty-nine were killed; the horrific scene is described in graphic detail. James Farley, Frankie Frisch, Frank Adams, Peter Arno, Alan Hale, Brad Smith. 11:15. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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