An Evening In Paris

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76440. An Evening In Paris. March 17, 1930. CBS net, syndicated version for KOMO, Seattle. Sponsored by: Bourjois's Evening In Paris Perfume, Karess Toiletries. A Columbia transcription, Cowan and Prindle Advertising. The program begins with, "The World's Beauty," a series of melodies describing girls around the world. While describing "The Belle Of New York," the orchestra plays, "The St. Louis Blues!" The middle commercial was added locally. The announcer concludes, "We regret this program could not be brought to you on television...perhaps some day!" R. C. Wentworth (announcer, billed only as "Wentworth," possibly R. C. Wentworth or Ralph Wentworth), Jerma Yvonne (? soparano), Dauphine Marsh (contralto), Ludwig Duo (? tenor), Taylor Busse (? baritone). 27:38. Audio condition: Excellent. Otherwise complete.

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