As The Clock Strikes

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

These are all the examples of this program in the radioGOLDINdex database. These listings are accurate as of October 29, 2017. The programs are listed chronologically, partial dates appear first, unknown dates appear last.

81344. As The Clock Strikes. August 20, 1940. Mutual net, Colonial network origination. Sustaining. 7:30 P. M. "A news item of grave signifcance," Hitler and Goering have arrived in Paris from Berlin. The present lull in the fighting is possibly over and the invasion of Britain will soon begin. A evaluation of British naval strength. "England is in acute, immediate need of destroyers." "Stalin is up to his neck in plans to seize Finland." Hitler has declared an unenforceable blockade of Britain. Japan will honor the blockade. Wythe Williams. 14:49. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

81418. As The Clock Strikes. August 22, 1940. Mutual net, Colonial network origination. Sustaining. "The war in Europe again seems headed for a climax" (an invasion of Britain). Franco may join forces with Portugal's Salazar against Britain. There have been Italian victories in Somaliland. Mr. Williams doubts Mussolini's announced intentions toward Aden. Roumania's entire grain crop will be sent to the Reich, in exchange for manufactured goods. "If anyone in Europe is going to starve, it isn't going to be the Germans." British overtures to Stalin. Mr. Williams concludes that Germany and Russia are long-time allies and not "just a marriage of convenience." A eulogy on the passing of Leon Trotsky today. Wythe Williams (commentator). 14:37. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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