Associated Press: One Hundred Years Of News

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49613. Associated Press: One Hundred Years Of News. May 23, 1948. NBC net. Sustaining. The ten biggest stories of the century are dramatized. 1. The gold rush and America's expansion to the west. 2. 1861 to 1865: The war between the states. 3. 1870: The Franco-Prussian War. 4. The Spanish-American War. 5. 1901: Marconi opens "The Century Of Science." 6. 1914: The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and World War I. 7. 1936: The abdication of Edward VIII. 8. World War II. 9. President Franklin Roosevelt and his era. 10. Atomic Energy. The executive editor of the Associated Press speaks about his choice of storis. Bob Warren (announcer), James Harvey (transcriber, director), John Cameron Swayze, John MacVane, Milton Katims (conductor), Robert McCormick, Robert Trout, W. W. Chaplin, Welborn Kelly (writer). 29:35. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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