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90479. Atlantiksender. April 30, 1945. 6:00 P. M. (GMT). The final broadcast by a radio station that transmitted from Great Britain in German. Using a 600kw transmitter (the most powerful in the world at the time) on the medium wave band, the station was nicknamed "Aspidistra" by the British. The name was inspired by Gracie Fields' famous racy tune, "She Has The Largest Aspidistra In The World" and the size of the transmitter). The Germans knew the station as, "Deutsche Kurzwellensender Atlantik" ("German Short-Wave Radio Atlantic"), and were led to believe it was a real German radio station. This program of recorded music was known as, "Soldatensender" ("Soldier's Radio"). The station went on the air November 8, 1942 (other sources put the first transmissions at February 3, 1943 and February 13, 1943). After 15 minutes of pop music, a series of coded phrases is sent. One of the records that are played sounds just like a Joe Venuti version of "Blue Room," until the last chorus, which has what sounds like a dubbing of a girl vocalist singing in German! . 1:07:10. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Incomplete.

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