Atom Bomb Test

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14658. Atom Bomb Test. June 30, 1946. Mutual net. Sustaining. Reaction by Admiral Blandy to the A-Bomb test; his first "official" statement. William Blandy. 12:46. Audio condition: Excellent shortwave audio. Complete.

105229. Atom Bomb Test. June 30, 1946. NBC net. Sustaining. 6:00 P.M. The bomb explodes 4 minutes into the program. See cat. #14656 for Mutual net coverage. See cat. # 6498 for CBS net coverage. Many items are from pool coverage. The short-wave circuit from Bikini Atoll is terrible. The last half of, "The General Motors Symphony Of The Air" was pre-empted for this broadcast. Music fill from Hollywood by Thomas Peluso and his Orchestra. Bill Downs (aboard a B-29), George Thomas Folster (aboard the U.S.S. Appalachian), John Bell (aboard the U.S.S. Mount McKinley, he describes the burst as, "The light of a thousand suns."), Clete Roberts (aboard the U.S.S. Panamint), W. W. Chaplin (on Kwajalein), Elmer Peterson (from San Francisco), Thomas Peluso and His Orchestra (music fill). 29:41. Audio condition: Excellent. Part of continuing coverage.

14664. Atom Bomb Test. July 24, 1946. Mutual net. Sustaining. Test "B" of "Operation Crossroads," the fifth atomic explosion, and the first underwater detonation. Microphones on Bikini Atoll pick up the sound of the bomb. A reporter in a B-29 over the scene describes the mushroom cloud. . 14:13. Audio condition: Very good to excellent audio. Complete.

5034. Atom Bomb Test. July 24, 1946. CBS net. Sustaining. An eyewitness description of the fifth nuclear test. Today is, "Baker Day" of "Operation Crossroads." A remote from the flagship at sea, a B-29 over the area, and other places near the Bikini atoll. See cat. #5033 for coverage of the take-off of the plane, see cat. #14655 for Mutual net (attempted) coverage of this event. Don Moseley. 14:50. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

105212. Atom Bomb Test. September 17, 1946. Pool feed. Sustaining. A reporter near Bikini Atoll reports from Eniwetok after the explosion. He sounds as if he's reading from a script. A summary of the entire series of tests called, "Operation Baker." It's a part of "Operation Crossroads." The test instruments included beer cans and gasoline drums. Admiral William Blandy reads the results. William Blandy. 14:00. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

14958. Atom Bomb Test. March 17, 1953. ABC net. Sustaining. Charles Collingwood describes the explosion at Yucca Flats, Nevada. Charles Collingwood. 15 minutes. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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