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87. Basketball. January 5, 1946. WHAS, Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville Vs. Vanderbilt. A description of the action during the second half. . 5:45. Audio condition: Excellent. Excerpt.

80179. Basketball. March 26, 1949. WKLX, Lexington, Kentucky. Sponsored by: Dixie Ice Cream, Purcell's Basement. The 1949 NCAA championship game, originating from the Edmonson Pavillion of the University of Washington. The Kentucky Wildcats Vs. The Aggies of Oklahoma A & M. The recording starts during the pre-game show. The Dixie Ice Cream "Flavor Of The Month" is "Cocoanut Fruit." Dixie Ice Cream is recommended to help prevent tooth decay in children! Purcell's is offering a ten inch plate with a picture of the Kentucky basketball team. Lou Wilkie, of the U. S. Olympic Committee is interviewed. He thinks he's being interviewed on KIRO (Seattle), not a WKLX in Lexington, Kentucky. The announcer is not identified, but is referred to once as "Clyde," once as "Paul." The basketball game coverage is complete, the recording ends during the awards ceremony after the game. Lou Wilkie. 1:58:03. Audio condition: Very good. Complete as above.

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