Baxter Pickering's Pictorial Paragraphs

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75902. Baxter Pickering's Pictorial Paragraphs. June 18, 1937. Sponsored by: The Hotel Victoria, New York City. The recording may be an audition, as neither the announcer nor Baxter Pickering have very good "radio voices." The program "tours" parts of New York City, inviting out-of-towners to visit (and stay at the sponsor's hotel). Word portraits of "Hell's Kitchen," "Nigger Mike's Bowery Dancehall (and how Irving Berlin got his start there) and Chinatown. The Hotel Victoria Girls play Russian songs (violin, piano, accordion). The date above is the date the program was recorded. Baxter Pickering, Herbert Block (announcer), The Hotel Victoria Girls. 14:48. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

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