Believe It Or Not

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111600. Believe It Or Not. August 29, 1938. NBC net, WEAF, New York City. Sponsored by: Post Bran Flakes. 8:00 P.M. The first "Believe It Or not": It's a capital offensive to wear silk stockings in Laos...unless you're the king! The loudest noise ever heard was the destruction of the island of Krakatoa. How a song convinced Saladin to spare the lives of 150,000 Christians...and became the national anthem of France! Today, the song is known as, "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow." The story of the oldest song in the world! It's 46 centuries old! Robert Ripley, Linda Lee, Ford Bond (announcer). 29:53. Audio condition: Good to very good. Complete.

96726. Believe It Or Not. October 14, 1946. NBC net or WNBC, New York or perhaps both. Sustaining. A program about the "hush, hush" veneral diseases, such as syphillis and gonorhea. The program is not in the usual "Believe It Or Not" format, but rather a part of an October anti-V. D. drive. . 14:27. Audio condition: Poor. Complete.

96725. Believe It Or Not. October 22, 1953. WOR, New York City. Sponsored by: Simon and Schuster (a "Believe It Or Not" direct marketing offer). The government made a monkey out of a taxpayer, but also made a taxpayer out of a monkey! The president of the United States who slept through his entire term of office. The most fickle woman in the world; the richest man in the world. Doug Storer (host), Art Van Horn (announcer). 14:25. Audio condition: Good. Complete.

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