Bikini Atom Bomb Test

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

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14656. Bikini Atom Bomb Test. June 30, 1946. Pool feed, Mutual net coverage. Sustaining. "Operation Crossroads." The actual dropping of the fourth atomic bomb as dropped by, "Dave's Dream." The bomb has the name "Gilda" on it (based on the current movie). Remote broadcasts the Pacific ocean near Bikini. The shortwave audio from the Pacific is variable, not very good most of the time. See cat. #6498 for CBS net coverage of this event. Alan Lissing (? in San Francisco), Bill Downs (pool reporter aboard a B-29), W. W. Chaplin (from a ship in Kwajalein lagoon), Clete Roberts (aboard the U.S.S. Panamint), Don Bell (aboard the U.S.S. Mount McKinley), George Thomas Folster (aboard the U.S.S. Appalachain), Larry Tighe (aboard the U.S.S. Appalachain). 49:56. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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