Blueberry Hill

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97909. Blueberry Hill. March 24, 1943. CBS net. An audition program, Hollywood origination. This program had all the makings of a civilian, "Jubilee." CBS passed on what sounded like an great series, they should have grabbed it! The first tune is, "My, My, My, Ain't That Something!" The comedy character of "Shadrach" might be portrayed by Benny Carter. The Charioteers do a great, "Brother Bill." Gin is referred to as, "Nubian Pepsi Cola." Mantan and Hattie do a comedy routine (Hattie misreads a line). The announcer mentions at the end of the recording that it's "almost two o'clock in the morning." I wonder what the show would have sounded like in prime time. Ernest Whitman (m.c.), Hattie McDaniel, Mantan Moreland, Benny Carter and His Orchestra, The Charioteers, The Loumel Morgan Trio, Savannah Churchill, The Blueberry Hill Singers. 32:12. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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