Bob Barclay, American Agent

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106727. Bob Barclay, American Agent. September 26, 1951. ABC net, WXYZ origination. "The Woman Of Mystery". Sustaining. The program is also known as, "Bob Barclay, Undercover Agent." Myra Thaxton seems to have picked Bob's pocket and has gotten his address book and secret codes (pretty careless for an undercover agent). Barclay is en route to the Orient to fight Communists. "He walks alone through the jungles of intrigue, around him hangs an air of mystery. (He's) accompanied only by truth and courage." The last show of the series. The story title is subject to correction; the program may be dated December 6, 1950. George W. Trendle (producer), Charles D. Livingstone (director), Fran Striker (editor), Jay Michael (narrator, announcer), Jack McCarthy. 29:42. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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