C. M. H.

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97386. C. M. H.. July 2, 1945. NBC net, KDKA, Pittsburgh aircheck. Sustaining. The initials stand for, "The Congressional Medal Of Honor." The story of Paul Wiedorfer, who won the Congressional Medal of Honor three weeks previously. A parade in his honor was held in Baltimore. Lowell Thomas (host), Mason Adams, Ted Jewett (narrator). 20:40. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

96074. C. M. H.. September 19, 1945. NBC net. Sustaining. The initials stand for, "Congressional Medal Of Honor." Jackson Beck narrates the story of General Jonathan Wainwright and the battle of Corregidor. General Wainwright makes a very moving speech after the drama. The date is subject to correction. Jackson Beck, Jonathan Wainwright, Saul Pannin (? writer), Morris Mamorsky (composer), Milton Katims (conductor), Bill Adams, Joseph Mansfield (director). 29:37. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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