CBS Falklands War Coverage

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104702. CBS Falklands War Coverage. April 1, 1982. CBS net. April 1 to 16, 1982. Steve Young, Dan Raviv (London), Humphrey Atkins (Foreign Office), Dallas Townsend, Tom Fenton (London), Richard C. Hottelet (United Nations), Anthony Parsons (British delegate to the United Nations), Margaret Thatcher, Michael Foote, David Owen (Socialist Party), Martha Teichner, Charles Osgood, Douglas Edwards, Francis Pimm, Charles Gomez (Buenos Aires), Bob Schieffer (Buenos Aires), Judy Muller, David Jackson, Robert Pierpoint (London), Alexander Haig (Secretary of State), Ronald Reagan, Rita Flynn (the State Department). 30:20. Audio condition: Excellent. Excerpts.

104701. CBS Falklands War Coverage. April 17, 1982. CBS net. April 17 to April 21, 1982. Neil Strawser (CBS News), Charles Gomez (Buenos Aires), Dan Raviv (London), Stanley Clinton Davis (Labour Party), Douglas Edwards, Bob Simon (Buenos Aires), Tom Fenton (London), Christopher Glenn, Judy Muller, Martha Teichner (London), John Knox (British Minister of Defense), Margaret Thatcher, Dallas Townsend, Deborah Potter (Washington, D.C.), Douglas Edwards, Robert Pierpoint (the State Department), Bob Schieffer (Buenos Aires), Bill Lynch (the Pentagon), Charles Osgood. 35:12. Audio condition: Excellent. Excerpts.

104698. CBS Falklands War Coverage. April 30, 1982. CBS net. Coverage from April 30 to May 3, 1982. Dallas Townsend, Martha Teichner (London), Charles Gomez (Buenos Aires), Rita Flynn (at the State Department), Eric Engberg (Washington, D.C.), Alexander Haig (Secretary of State), Paul Lockwood, Dan Raviv (London), Bob Simon (Buenos Aires), Neil Strawser, Martha Teichner (London), Doug Septon (London), Ian McDonald (British Minister of Defense). 23:58. Audio condition: Excellent. Excerpts.

104697. CBS Falklands War Coverage. May 20, 1982. CBS net. The Argentinian cruiser General Belgrano has been sunk. Dennis Healy (Labour Party), Doug Sefton (Southampton), Martha Teichner, Margaret Thatcher, Charles Osgood, Ian McDonald (British Minister of Defence), Anthony Buck (British M.P.), Edward DuQuesne (British M.P.), Stanley Clinton Davis (M.P.), David Jackson, John Blackstone (London), Richard C. Hottelet (United Nations), John Wright (spokesman for the British Defense Ministry), Charles Gomez (Buenos Aires), Dan Raviv (London), Dallas Townsend, Christopher Glenn, Bob Schieffer (Buenos Aires), Tom Fenton (London). 28:24. Audio condition: Excellent. Excerpts.

104696. CBS Falklands War Coverage. May 20, 1982. CBS net. Coverage from May 20, 1982 to early June, 1982. Dan Raviv (London), Reid Collins, Dallas Townsend, David Jackson (London), Robert Fox (BBC), Charles Gomez (Buenos Aires), Frank Settipani, Charles Krauss (Buenos Aires), Cecil Parkinson, Ian McDonald (British Defense Minister), Richard C. Hottelet (United Nations), Charles Osgood, Margaret Thatcher, Douglas Edwards, Martha Teichner (London), Michael Nicholson (with the British landing forces on the Falklands). 21:54. Audio condition: Excellent. Excerpts.

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