Cabin B-13

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11159. Cabin B-13. July 5, 1948. CBS net. "A Razor In Fleet Street". Sponsored by: sustaining. The first show of the series. A spin-off from the "Suspense" series, originally heard as one of the stories of that series on Nov. 9, 1942. Arnold Moss as "Dr. Fabian" introduces an excellent murder mystery. A razor wielding "Slasher" is the double of a visiting diplomat, but who's who? Arnold Moss (host), John Dickson Carr (creator, writer), Joseph Curtin, Naomi Campbell, William Podmore, Merle Kendrick (composer, conductor), Charles S. Monroe (editor), John Dietz (director). 29:29. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

11160. Cabin B-13. December 12, 1948. CBS net. "The Bride Vanishes". Sponsored by: sustaining. The classic story about an impossible disappearance from a villa balcony on the Isle of Capri. John Dickson Carr (writer), John Dietz (director), Arnold Moss (host), Joseph Curtin, Mary Patton, Rod Hendrickson, Alfredo Antonini (composer, conductor). 29:15. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

11161. Cabin B-13. December 26, 1948. CBS net. "The Sleep Of Death". Sponsored by: sustaining. An excellent shocker about the infamous "Tapestry Room," from which no one ever leaves alive. John Dickson Carr (writer), John Dietz (director), Arnold Moss (host), Cliff Carpenter, Janice Gilbert, Peter Capell, Alfredo Antonini (composer, conductor), Lee Vines (announcer). 29:09. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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