California Caravan

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60325. California Caravan. May 23, 1947. Mutual-Don Lee net, KHJ, Los Angeles aircheck. "The Death Of The Don". Sponsored by: California Physician's Service (a health maintainance organization). Western Holly Gas Ranges (local). A young girl reports the news of the passing of the last of the California Dons. Norma Jean Nilsson, Lou Holtzer (producer, director), Hy Averback, Milton Charles (music), Beth Barnes (writer), Bob Fresell, Jack Carroll, Ralph Moody, Bruce Jewell (announcer). 15:01. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

2379. California Caravan. September 29, 1949. Mutual net. "The Saga Of Charlie Parkhurst". Sustaining. A western story set in California in the 1930's. Charlie, a tough old stage driver, takes a young orphan boy under his wing. The story has a surprise ending. Lou Holtzer (producer, director), Milton Charles (organist), Carl Schlicter (writer), Herb Vigran, Virginia Gregg, Michael Hayes, John McGovern, Paul Frees, Bob Shannon, Bob Purcell, Fort Pearson (announcer). 29:56. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

62802. California Caravan. 1950. ABC Pacific net. "The Poet Of Oakland". Sponsored by: California Physician's Service. The story of Edwin Markham, the famous writer of "The Man With The Plow" and other famous poems dealing with child labor and other social issues. Byron Kane, Virginia Gregg, Charles Maxwell, Bob Purcell, Hal Gerard, Herb Vigran, Milton Charles (organ), Lou Holtzer (producer, director), Richard Hill Wilkenson (writer), Bruce Furole (? announcer). 29:43. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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