Canadian Red Cross Emergency Appeal

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34056. Canadian Red Cross Emergency Appeal. September 29, 1940. Mutual-Don Lee net origination, MacGregor syndication. Sponsored by: Red Cross fund appeal. The program originates from Hollywood, but Canadian Prime Minister MacKenzie-King speaks from Ottawa. Reginald Gardiner imitates wall paper and steam locomotives. Anne Nagel recites the prayer of the Red Cross Nurse. Dr. Dafoe speaks, and the Dionne Quintuplets sing from Callender Ontario. The program features a drama about Londoners under attack during the Blitz, written by Gene Lockhart. C. Aubrey Smith reads Kipling (poorly), Laurence Olivier reads from, "Henry V" by Shakespeare ("Once more unto the breach!"), Vivien Leigh reads from, "Cavalcade" by Noel Coward. A stirring broadcast. Anne Nagel, Betty Jane Rhodes, Binnie Barnes, C. Aubrey Smith, Alan Mowbray, Anne Jamison (guest), Mary Pickford, Maxine Gray (vocal), Merle Oberon, Reginald Gardiner, Ronald Colman, The Dionne Quintuplets, Vivien Leigh, William MacKenzie-King, Allan Dafoe, Cedric Hardwicke, C. P. MacGregor (producer, transcriber), Charles Previn and His Orchestra, David Rose and His Orchestra, Gene Lockhart, George Sanders (host, narrator), Gloria Jean, Herbert Marshall, June Lockhart, Laurence Olivier, Madeleine Carroll, Freddie Bartholomew. 58:57. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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