Carmen Basillio Vs. Sugar Ray Robinson

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86093. Carmen Basillio Vs. Sugar Ray Robinson. March 25, 1958. CBS net, WROW, Albany, New York. Participating sponsors. A middleweight championship fight, from Chicago Stadium. Statements by both fighters are played (on tape). Both are respectful of the other, and both are confident of victory. The program is referred to as, "The Fight Of The Year." Joyce Brothers is referred to as, "The first woman in the press row at Chicago Stadium." However, it sounds like she's reading her descriptions. Basillio's left eye is swollen shut after six rounds. "Basillio's left eye looks like a raw piece of meat!" A slip by Cy Harrice proves the commercials were not all recorded. Carmen Basillio, Sugar Ray Robinson, Bob Foss (? commentary), Jack Drees (blow-by-blow), Julie London (commercial spokesman: Marlboro), Jack Bregson (commercial spokesman: Mennen. He sounds just like Del Sharbutt), Cy Harrice (commercial spokesman), Joyce Brothers (color), Wendell Smith (of The Chicao American), Phil Regan (sings the national anthem), Ben Bentley (ring announcer), Frank Sikora (referee). 1:27:59. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

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