Cartoonist's Party

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106830. Cartoonist's Party. October 1952. WVNJ, Newark, New Jersey. It's mentioned several times that these recordings are being made on a tape recorder, however, they were transferred from a WVNJ transcription, not a tape. The disc is marked "Tape #1." It's not known if there was a tape #2. The recordings may not have been broadcast. The party was held at, "The Shawnee Inn" in Pennsylvania, owned by Fred Waring. Two hundred cartoonists are announced as being present. Bill Holman (artist of "Smokey Stover," says, "Notary Sojack" for the microphone), Otto Soglow ("The Little King"), Alfred Andriola ("Kerry Drake"), Chon Day, Bob Dunn (of the Dumont TV show, "Quick On The Draw"), Big Joe Rosenfeld (possibly interviewer). 14:26. Audio condition: Excellent. Possibly complete.

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