Cavalcade Of 1950

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52391. Cavalcade Of 1950. December 1950. United Press syndication. Sustaining. Earl Johnson, the Vice President and General News Manager of United Press narrates dramatizations of the top stories of the year. The Brinks robbery of Boston: one million dollars has been stolen. Western re-armament. The conviction of Alger Hiss. North Korean forces cross the thirty eighth parallel and invade the South. The Pope issues a dogma declaring that the body as well as the soul of Mary has ascended to heaven. The U. N. forces retreat to Pusan Korea, and the victory at Inchon. The assassination attempt on President Truman by Puerto Rican nationalists. The Republicans gain seats in Congress. The Chinese Communists cross the Yalu river and battle the U. N. forces. The date is approximate. Drier-Minosan Productions Inc. (?). Earl J. Johnson (narrator). 27:10. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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