Cedric Foster

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

These are all the examples of this program in the radioGOLDINdex database. These listings are accurate as of October 29, 2017. The programs are listed chronologically, partial dates appear first, unknown dates appear last.

14221. Cedric Foster. December 9, 1940. Mutual net, WTHT, Hartford Connecticut origination. Sustaining. A description and analysis of the fighting against the Italians in North Africa. Well done. The date is approximate. Cedric Foster. 14:28. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

79836. Cedric Foster. January 23, 1944. Mutual net. There's meager news of the fighting in Italy. The landings caught the Germans by surprise. Cedric Foster. 4:24. Audio condition: Excellent. Excerpt.

75884. Cedric Foster. May 9, 1944. Mutual net, WTHT, Hartford, Connecticut origination. Sustaining. An analysis of European war developments. The British Air Ministry has announced a large raid on Bremen and Hamburg, using three hundred to four hundred aircraft. The British claim to have destroyed the Iraqi Air Force. The German raider "Hanse" has been reported sunk. Stalin has emerged as absolute dictator of the U. S. S. R. Cedric Foster. 14:33. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

80043. Cedric Foster. July 21, 1944. Mutual net. Sustaining. "The revolt of the generals has been crushed." "The war could end tomorrow." "We were lulled to sleep by the anasthesia of isolationism." Mr. Foster defends the comments of Clare Boothe Luce about the dead "G. I. Jim." Cedric Foster. 14:17. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

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