Come To The Olympic Games

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76433. Come To The Olympic Games. July 7, 1932. Blue net, KECA, Los Angeles origination. Sustaining. The program originates from The Los Angeles Coliseum. The program starts with a selection by 250 trumpeters. Two thousand instrumentalists play, "I Love You, California." Douglas Fairbanks says, "All work and no play is a fool's formula." The hop-skip-and-jump champion speaks in Hindustani, a marathon runner speaks in German, an equestrian speaks in Japanese. A 1000-voice choir sings, "Nations On Parade." From The Hollywood Bowl, Floyd Marion (?) introduces Mozart's Symphony #9. A cue back to Don Wilson is given on the air (by design). Carlos W. Huntington, representative of Governor (California) James Ross Jr., speaks on the governor's behalf. Mary Pickford speaks about women athletes at the Olympics. Don Wilson (m. c.), Zack Farmer (General Secretary and Manager of The Tenth Olympiad), William Garland (member of the United States Olympic Committee), Harold William Robert (band director, speaker), Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, William Henry (Sports Executive Director of The Tenth Olympiad), J. Arthur Lewis (choral director), Floyd Marion (?), Carlos W. Huntington. 60:13. Audio condition: Very good. Complete.

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