Continental Classroom

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111459. Continental Classroom. October 6, 1958. NBC-TV net audio. "A Course In Physics For The Atomic Age". Sustaining. 6:30 AM (Eastern time). The first program of what was to become an almost unique effort at adult education by television for the public. Only "Sunrise Semester" on NBC was similar and started earlier (September, 1967). The series was underwritten by the Ford Foundation (for the first 3 years) and was viewed by an estimated 400,000 people. Almost 5000 of those viewers signed up for college credit. Despite the early broadcast hour and lack of home video recorders, the course ran for 8 months and developed a loyal following. This program was televised the day before the first lesson. An outline of the course is given: Classical physics for the first semester. Atomic and nuclear physics for the second semester. A list of the textbooks to be used is given. The first lesson was given on October 7, 1958 (see cat. #111460). The system cue has been deleted. Harvey White (main instructor and head of the physics department at the University of California at Berkeley), James Killian Jr. (President of M.I.T. and a White House science advisor). 26:44. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete as above.

111460. Continental Classroom. October 7, 1958. NBC-TV net audio. "Kinematics". Sustaining. 6:30 AM (Eastern time). What is the highest speed with which an object can travel?" The first lesson of the series, the first lesson in physics. Harvey White (head of the Physics Department at M.I.T.). 25:06. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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