Cordell Hull

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86078. Cordell Hull. September 22, 1939. CBS net. "Inter-American Peace". Sustaining. The Secretary of State speaks from the New York's World's Fair, about international relations. The final 11:01 of the broadcast only, piano fill (briefly). Cordell Hull, Charles Stark (announcer). 11:01. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

85540. Cordell Hull. July 22, 1940. CBS net. Sustaining. The Secretary of State speaks at the Pan American Conference, about international trade. He advocates the formation of an Inter-American bank. Cordell Hull. 14:17. Audio condition: Very good. Excerpt.

86130. Cordell Hull. July 23, 1942. The Secretary of State summarizes what our forces will do to the Japanese. The Atlantic Charter must develop an international organization. Cordell Hull. 14:30. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

85753. Cordell Hull. April 4, 1944. CBS net. Sustaining. 6:30 P. M. The Secretary of State speaks from Washington, D. C. about U. S. foreign policy. The Allies are in agreement after the Teheran Conference. The declarations at Cairo will dismantle the Japanese empire. Frontier adjustments must wait until the fighting stops. Mr. Hull calls for an international organization among nations, and a world court. "Our foreign policy is stable, comprehensive and known to all men." Piano fill to time. Cordell Hull. 44:11. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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