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110155. Counterpoint. August 25, 1957. WNEW, New York City. "Book Censorship". Sustaining. Professor Kuntsler interviews playwright Elmer Rice (who is also an attorney). Mr. Rice is very much against a Catholic group called the N.O.D.L. ("National Organization For Decent Literature"), which censors books unacceptable by its standards. The opposing point of view will be heard next week. This program makes for fascinating listening, it's just an interview but very impressive radio. William Kuntsler, Elmer Rice, Sidney Gaby (producer), Joe Gibbon (announcer). 22:27. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

9225. Counterpoint. September 21, 1958. WNEW, New York. A discussion of the "Galindez Case." An interview with a Trujillo-Dominican refugee about the exile's views about the affair. . 1/2 hour. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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