Crime On The Waterfront

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

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70564. Crime On The Waterfront. February 24, 1949. An NBC audition recording. Landry, a known crook, is the main suspect in the murder of Mrs. Lattimore. She was killed by a rifle shot that was probably meant for an ex-mobster named Patterson. Lou Kagle, ace New York detective, is on the case. He specializes in crimes on the waterfront. Mike Wallace (billed as "Myron Wallace"), John T. Kelly (writer), Muriel Bremner. 34:58. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

70565. Crime On The Waterfront. March 1, 1949. An NBC audition recording. An heiress named Helena Dawson has been threatened by a kidnapper...while on board an ocean liner! Ace detective Lou Kagle is also on board and on the case! Mike Wallace (billed as "Myron Wallace"), John T. Kelly (writer), George Stone (announcer). 35:14. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

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