Deadline Mystery

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43272. Deadline Mystery. August 10, 1947. ABC net. Sponsored by: Cystex, Mendaco. Steve Dunne plays Lucky Larson, reporter and sleuth. Why is Mr. Quinn trying to force all the tenants to leave his apartment building? Steve Dunne, Dave Titus (director), June Whitley, Sam Edwards, Byron Kane, Jack Kruschen, John Frank, Frank Hemingway (announcer), Fred Howard (writer), Robert Neville (creator), Len Salvo (composer, conductor). 29:32. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

71051. Deadline Mystery. August 24, 1947. ABC net. Sponsored by: Cystex, Mendaco. A reporter working on a story about a housing shortge scandal is framed for murder. Lucky Larson tries to help a fellow reporter, tackling some very powerful men. Steve Dunne, Dave Titus (director), Herbert Rawlinson, Virginia Gregg, Len Salvo (composer, conductor), Wallace K. Norman (author), Fred Howard (peformer, adaptor), Hugh Studebaker, Neil Browers, Frank Hemingway (announcer). 29:32. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

6018. Deadline Mystery. September 10, 1952. ABC net. Sponsored by: Cystex (nerve tonic), Mendaco (asthma cure). Two-fisted newspaperman Lucky Larson runs up against a housing racket gang who also dabble in murder and kidnapping. Steve Dunne, Dave Titus (director), Fred Howard (adaptor), Robert Neville (author), June Whitley, Sam Edwards, John Frank, Jack Kruschen, Byron Kane, Len Salvo (organist), Frank Hemingway (announcer). 28:26. Audio condition: Very good. Apparently complete.

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