Defense Attorney

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105297. Defense Attorney. August 10, 1951. ABC net. Sustaining. Marcus Moriano is on trial for the murder of P.T. White. A witness for his defense changes his testimony and accuses Martha Ellis Bryant of forcing him to lie. Mercedes McCambridge, Howard Culver, Parley Baer, Howard McNear, Forrest Lewis, Rex Koury (composer, conductor), Cameron Blake (writer), Dwight Hauser (director). 29:43. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

105298. Defense Attorney. August 17, 1951. Mutual net. Sustaining. Peter Lynch is accused of murdering a policeman. Lynch was just released on parole, and the policeman killed was the one who arrested Lynch in the first place. Lynch goes to the office of Martha Ellis Bryant and threatens to jump. Mercedes McCambridge, Howard Culver, William Tracy, Charles Seel, Tony Barrett, Barney Phillips, Rex Koury (composer, conductor), Joel Murcott (writer), Dwight Hauser (director). 29:33. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

105299. Defense Attorney. August 24, 1951. ABC net. Sustaining. Grady Daniels has been charged with murder after going hunting and losing his knife. Mercedes McCambridge, Howard Culver, Jan Arvan, Bill Bouchey, Herb Butterfield, Lamont Johnson, Rex Koury (composer, conductor), Dwight Hauser (director), Jack Spiers (writer). 29:45. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

61350. Defense Attorney. August 31, 1951. ABC net. Sustaining. A haberdasher named Mike Pelly is about to go to the electric chair. He was convicted of killing another shopkeeper, despite his pleas of innocence. Intense detection uncovers a lying witness. A record of a song (sung by Merces McCambridge!) is heard in the background during the final scene. The date is subject to correction. Mercedes McCambridge, Howard Culver, Rex Koury (composer, conductor), Joel Murcott, Dwight Hauser (director). 29:26. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

67422. Defense Attorney. September 14, 1951. ABC net. Sustaining. Jimmy Leonard is accused of an hit-and-run murder with his hot rod. Jimmy seems reluctant to defend himself. Tony Barrett, Tom McKee, Joel Nessler, Rex Koury (composer, conductor), Dwight Hauser (director), Joel Murcott (writer), Howard Culver, George Pirrone, Mercedes McCambridge, Irene Tedrow. 29:34. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

105291. Defense Attorney. March 13, 1952. ABC net. Sponsored by: Kix, Chlorettes. Thomas Richards got a sentence of 1 to 5 years for writing a bad check for $72. He's now hiding from his parole officer. Mercedes McCambridge, Dwight Hauser (director), Rex Koury (composer, conductor), Jack Rubin (writer), Howard Culver, Eddie Firestone, Jeanne Bates, Lawrence Dobkin, Parley Baer. 29:25. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

64643. Defense Attorney. April 10, 1952. ABC net. Sponsored by: Kix, Chlorets. Joshua Masters has three sons, one of whom wants to kill him. Martha Ellis Bryant recommends a private detective. However, it's not Joshua Masters, but one of his sons who is found dead! Joshua Masters is then found dead...a suicide! Betty Mills of Radio TV Mirror magazine names Mercedes McCambridge "favorite dramatic actress." Mercedes McCambridge, Howard Culver, Harry Bartell, Rex Koury (composer, conductor), Jack Spiers (writer), Dwight Hauser (director), Betty Mills, Tony Barrett, Dallas McKinnon (doubles), Orval Anderson (announcer). 29:30. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

105292. Defense Attorney. August 28, 1952. ABC net. Sustaining. George Bauman has confessed to kill a man, but did not commit murder. Mercedes McCambridge, Rick McClune (writer), William Yeager (writer), Dwight Hauser (director), Orville Anderson (announcer), Howard Culver, Bill Bouchey, Jan Arvan, Mary Lansing, Peter Leeds, Parley Baer, Rex Koury (composer, conductor). 29:19. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

105293. Defense Attorney. September 11, 1952. ABC net. Sustaining. Banker James Nelson is accused of embezzling $38,000. An announcement has been made that Mercedes McCambridge has invited to address the coming meeting of the American Bar Association. Mercedes McCambridge, Howard Culver, Parley Baer, David Ellis, Jan Arvan, Paul McVey, Rex Koury (composer, conductor), Brian Moore (writer), Dwight Hauser, Orville Anderson (announcer). 29:21. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

105294. Defense Attorney. September 18, 1952. ABC net. Sustaining. A building contrator named Thomas Kennedy thinks women are "too emotional" to be good lawyers and then hires her for a $15,000 per year retainer. Mercedes McCambridge, Howard Culver, Paul McVey, Tom McKee, Lou Krugman, Rex Koury (composer, conductor), Shelby Gordon (writer), Dwight Hauser (director), Frank Bingham (announcer). 29:13. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

105295. Defense Attorney. October 9, 1952. ABC net. Sustaining. A widow named Edith Larkin has the blueprints for a fuel injector for automobiles that will get 40 miles per gallon. Her late husband, who invented the fuel injector, was cheated by a dishonest patent attorney. Mercedes McCambridge, Howard Culver, Mary Lansing, Frank Nelson, Parley Baer, Lawrence Dobkin, Rex Koury (composer, conductor), Shelby Gordon, Dwight Hauser. 29:20. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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