Democratic National Convention

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90924. Democratic National Convention. July 2, 1932. Candidate Roosevelt's acceptance speech for the nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention, Chicago. The speech is complete. Franklin Roosevelt. 19:33. Audio condition: Excellent. Part of continuing coverage.

75945. Democratic National Convention. July 2, 1932. Roosevelt is nominated for the presidency, a demonstration follows. Alfred E. Smith is nominated. David Lawrence reports from the speaker's stand. Another demonstration follows. A brief excerpt of Franklin Roosevelt speaking on November 5, 1932 at Madison Square Garden (New York City) is heard. The recording may be dated June 30, 1932. Franklin Roosevelt, David Lawrence, Royal Copeland (?). 23:50. Audio condition: Good. Excerpts.

14145. Democratic National Convention. July 17, 1940. Mutual net. Sustaining. President Roosevelt is nominated, James Farley is nominated as well, the first ballot voting, Farley releases his votes, interviews with Elliot Roosevelt, James Farley, Alben Barkley. Fulton Lewis Jr., Elliot Roosevelt, James Farley, Alben Barkley. 2:04:14. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

79994. Democratic National Convention. July 19, 1944. NBC net, KDKA, Pittsburgh aircheck. Sustaining. The broadcast originates from Chicago Stadium. The recording begins just after news of the resignation of the Japanese cabinet is given by James Byrnes (Director of War Mobilization). The keynote speaker is Governor Robert Kerr (Oklahoma). He speaks more than forty-five minutes. Richard C. Harkness (with a shortwave transmitter) broadcasts from the convention floor, near a brawl within the delegation from Texas. Governor Kerr continues his speech after the demonstration subsides. Robert St. John also uses a shortwave transmitter. Robert Hannigan, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, addresses the radio audience. A newscast is read from the convention by Don Elders. The Japanese cabinet and Minister of War Tojo have resigned. James Byrnes, H. V. Kaltenborn, Robert Kerr, Morgan Beatty, Ben Grauer, Richard Harkness, Robert St. John, Robert Hannigan, Don Elder. 1:20:13. Audio condition: Very good. Part of continuing coverage.

80004. Democratic National Convention. July 20, 1944. NBC net. Sustaining. The broadcast originates from the Chicago Stadium. Mrs. Helen Gahagan Douglas speaks in praise of President Roosevelt. Quentin Reynolds says, "Never remove the pitcher in a baseball game when he's pitching a winning game." A speech by President Roosevelt from an undisclosed location on the west coast follows (see cat. #6415). Helen Gahagan Douglas, Sam Jackson (Chairman), Ben Grauer (announcer), Quentin Reynolds. 37:30. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

79995. Democratic National Convention. July 20, 1944. NBC net, KDKA, Pittsburgh aircheck. Sustaining. Senator Alben Barkley (Kentucky) speaks about forty-five minutes and says absolutely nothing. See also cat. #62025 and #79899. Ben Grauer, Alben Barkley. 44:25. Audio condition: Very good. Part of continuing coverage.

79899. Democratic National Convention. July 20, 1944. NBC net. Sustaining. Morgan Beatty interviews Clint Small of the Texas delegation, which had just walked out of the convention in anger. News is received of the assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler. Roosevelt has been nominated on the first ballot. See also cat. #62025 and #79995. Morgan Beatty, Clint Small, Ben Grauer, John McCormack (platform committee), Robert St. John. 7:56. Audio condition: Excellent. Excerpts.

62025. Democratic National Convention. July 20, 1944. NBC net, WMAQ, Chicago aircheck. Sustaining. The broadcast originates from the Chicago Stadium. Mona Van (of the Chicago Civic Opera), sings the national anthem. News of the attempted assassination of Adolph Hitler is commented upon by H.V. Kaltenborn. Senator Samuel Jackson (Indiana), the convention chairman, says "Roosevelt is in his full vigor and in the flower of his energy." Kaltenborn interviews Senator Jackson. Martin Agronsky interviews Henry Wallace (a "scoop" broadcast). Morgan Beatty interviews a member of the Texas delegation who is leaving the convention. During the July 20th evening session, Danny O'Neil sings the national anthem. A portion of President Roosevelt's acceptance speech is heard (see cat. #6415 for the entire speech). On July 21st, Harry Truman accepts the nomination for the vice presidency. Robert Trout reports (therefore, this part is possibly CBS coverage). See also cat. #79995 and #79899. H. V. Kaltenborn, Mona Van, Richard Harkness, Samuel Jackson, Martin Agronsky, Henry Wallace, Bryson Rash, Abe Murdock (Senator from Texas), Morgan Beatty, John McCormick, Danny O'Neil, Helen Gahagan Douglas, Quentin Reynolds, Don Fisher, Ben Grauer (anchor), Robert St. John, Harry Truman, Robert Trout. 2:42:47. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Excerpts.

60568. Democratic National Convention. 1960. Excerpts from the convention. 1. Senator Frank Church. 2. Governor Collins. 3. Adlai Stevenson. 4. Lyndon Johnson. 5. Robert Kennedy. 6. ? 7. A spokesman for the Wyoming delegation. 8. John Kennedy. 9. John Kennedy. 10. Governor Lawrence ? 11. John McCormick (Massachusetts delegation). 12. Lyndon Johnson Frank Church, Governor Collins, Adlai Stevenson, Lyndon Johnson, Robert Kennedy, John Kennedy, John McCormick. 14:25. Audio condition: Excellent. Excerpts.

62058. Democratic National Convention. August 28, 1996. C-SPAN audio. Sustaining. John McDonough (of Public Radio International, writer of "When Conventions Were Conventions"), Hillary Rodham Clinton (on August 27, 1996, addressing the Convention about "family values"), Vice President Al Gore (on August 28, 1996, and briefly on August 29, 1996). The acceptance speech of President Clinton. John McDonough, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Albert Gore, Bill Clinton. 2:24:55. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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