Dinah Shore Christmas Card

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

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950. Dinah Shore Christmas Card. December 25, 1944. AFRS origination. The first tune is, "A Merry American Christmas." Dinah introduces all the members of the AFRS Orchestra. Two of the names are unintellible, several are possibly spelled incorrectly, but this is a singular portrait of the AFRS orchestra at a known time. The date above is possibly the release date, recorded earlier. Dinah Shore, The Armed Forces Radio Service Orchestra, Erno Neufelt (concertmaster), Jack Pepper, Bob Gomberg, Teddy Norman, Dave Newman, Charlie Velig, Bobby Jameson, Mishel Perrier (viola, assistant conductor), Gene LaFrenier (? trumpet), Murray McEachern (trombone), Spencer Prince (?), Harry Geller, Bob Goodrich, Skeets Herfurt (alto), Peyton Levine (clarinet), Babe Russin (tenor), Jack Cheney (tenor), Haskell Eisenloof (? reeds), Jack Martin (reeds), Bob Simmers (guitar), Les Paul (electric guitar), Judd Denoe (bass), Gene Plummer (piano), Earl Lawrence (arranger), Meredith Willson (conductor). 14:18. Audio condition: Very good. Complete.

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