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62539. Dotto. 1958. CBS-TV net audio aircheck. Sustaining. The first contestants are Steve Morse and Carol Lee. The quiz has very easy questions, which are often missed by the contestants. The program was taken off the air in August, 1958, when it was discovered that some contestants were given the answers. At one point during this broadcast, the producers apparently ran out of contestants. Just as they were about to call a losing contestant back on the air, a woman is brought up from the audience to compete. The system cue has been deleted. Jack Narz (quizmaster), Roy Rowan (announcer), Steve Morse, Carol Lee, Ivan Ditmars (music), Frank Cooper (producer). 29:23. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete as above.

93600. Dotto. May 21, 1958. CBS-TV net, WCBS-TV, New York City audio and B/W video aircheck. Sponsored by: Ajax, Florient, Colgate Toothpaste, Fab. A daytime television show best remembered for precipitating the quiz show scandals of 1958. A recording of this program was introduced in evidence before the New York authorites. This program features the contest between Marie Winn and Yaffie Kimball-Slatin. Backstage, the contestant who was scheduled to play the winner of this match (Ed Hilgelmeier) discovered the notebook of Marie Winn with the answers. He complained to the show's producers who paid him off (even though he never actually appeared on the program), as well as paying Marie Winn and Yaffie Kimball-Slatin. Discovering that the others had been paid more than he was paid, Hilgelmeier then "blew the whistle" and the quiz show scandals began. Adding insult to injury, among the prizes for contestants at home who were contacted by phone, were two (count 'em, two) Edsels! The daytime version of "Dotto" was cancelled without notice after the program of August, 15, 1958. The video portion of this recording is only "good," the audio is "very good to excellent." Jack Narz (host), Marie Winn, Yaffie Kimball-Slatin, Ralph Paul (announcer), Bess Myerson (commercial spokesman: Florient). 29:34. Audio condition: Unknown quality. Complete.

93601. Dotto. August 1958. NBC-TV net audio and B/W video. Sponsored by: Fab, Colgate Shave Cream, Lustre-Creme Shampoo. The night-time version of the game show that precipitated the quiz show scandals. One of the contestants on this program (Connie Hines) went on to fame (of sorts) by becoming the television wife of Alan Young (and his talking horse) on, "Mr. Ed." She was discovered to have been coached before the program, but not actually given the answers. Both the daytime and nighttime versions of the show were cancelled without notice when the truth came out. The last evening broadcast was on August 12, 1958, after which the program was canceled without notice. As if to demonstrate the step up from the daytime show (which gave away Edsels), the evening program awarded a Lincoln Continental to some lucky (or prepared) viewer. Much to their later sorrow, six different people claimed to be "producers" of the evening version of the program. The video quality is only "good," the audio is "very good to excellent." Jack Narz (host), Ralph Paul (announcer), Connie Hines (contestant), Frank Cooper (producer), Sy Fischer (producer), Al Schwartz (producer), Snag Werris (producer), Edward Jurist (producer), Gil Fates (executive producer), Jerome Scher (director). 29:25. Audio condition: Unknown quality. Complete.

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