Eddie Cantor Anniversary Tribute

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

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80101. Eddie Cantor Anniversary Tribute. October 28, 1937. CBS net, WABC, New York aircheck. Sustaining. Nadine Conner sings the national anthem. Darryl Zanuck introduces toastmaster George Jessel. Eddie's twenty-fifth year in show business is celebrated. Eddie responds (his speech is not complete). A "Cantor Medley" is played by the orchestra, The Raymond Scott Quintet perform a hot, "Twilight In Turkey" (written by Scott). Edgar Bergen appears with "Ophelia," a puppet made from Bergen's hand (similar to "Johnny," made famous by Senor Wences). Ophelia's a man-hunting old maid who sounds too much like Charlie McCarthy. Bill Robinson announces that, "he's the first gentile up here this evening" and does a soft shoe dance (Bergen wasn't Jewish, but it was good line). Igor Gorin doesn't finish his aria when it sounds like WABC in New York ends the network feed (presumably the network continued the program). WABC then signs off the air until tomorrow morning. Judy Garland, Bob Burns and Sophie Tucker are billboarded but are not heard on this recording. Dr. Gianinni (not otherwise identified), Frank Merriam (Governor, California), Jack Benny (introduced as, "The Moses of Waukegan"), Louis B. Mayer, Eddie Cantor, Irvin S. Cobb, Jacques Renard and His Orchestra, The Raymond Scott Quintet, Deanna Durbin, Jimmy Durante, Edgar Bergen, Nadine Conner, Darryl F. Zanuck, Bill Robinson, George Jessel, Igor Gorin. 1:30:58. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

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