Eddie Rickenbacker

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69269. Eddie Rickenbacker. March 11, 1943. Mutual net. Sustaining. An address from Indianapolis, during a tour of war plants for "The War Mothers Clubs Of America." He speaks about war production, labor and manpower. Rickenbacker claims labor is being forced into strikes against their wills. His proposals were possibly seen as anti-labor by unions. The program fills to time with transcribed martial music. Eddie Rickenbacker. 27:24. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

14874. Eddie Rickenbacker. June 19, 1950. WFBR, Baltimore. Sustaining. Coverage of the arrival (at Harbor Field) of Mr. Rickenbacker for ceremonies marking the opening of Friendship International airport. He discusses Eastern Airlines' plans for the future. Eddie Rickenbacker. 13:30. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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