Election Night Coverage

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14814. Election Night Coverage. November 3, 1948. ABC net. Sponsored by: Westinghouse Electric Sheet. Excerpts that begin after the announcement of Truman's victory. Interviews with Thomas Dewey (from the Roosevelt Hotel, New York City), Governor Earl Warren (California), a Dewey Press Conference. Dewey says, "I am just as surprised as you are." See cat. #75540 for NBC net coverage of the press conference. Bryson Rash, Earl Warren (Governor of California), Ernest Chappell (announcer), Ted Malone, Thomas Dewey. 41:10. Audio condition: Excellent. Excerpts.

93159. Election Night Coverage. November 4, 1952. Program #10. NBC net/NBC-TV net simulcast, KGHL-AM, Billings, Montana aircheck. Sponsored by: Philco, Alka Seltzer, Kools (local). Morgan Beatty is heard with "News Of The World" (sponsored by Alka-Seltzer). Coverage starts at about 10:55 P. M. (E.S.T.), "Monrobot" ("The Electronic Brain") is used to calculate the "odds" of Eisenhower Vs. Stevenson. "Things look grim for Stevenson." See cat. #12228. Merrill Mueller (anchor), Morgan Beatty, W. W. Chaplin, Jack Callahan (commercial spokesman), Frank Bourgholtzer, Ray Henley, Charles Lyon (commercial spokesman), John Bonner (KGHL), W. Workman Jr., Bob Murphy (announcer), Alex Dreier (Chicago). 34:12. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Part of continuing coverage.

12228. Election Night Coverage. November 4, 1952. NBC radio/TV nets simulcast. Sponsored by: Philco (commercials deleted). Excerpts from throughout the evening. Coverage originates from studio 8H in New York City, with the help of the "Monrobot." See cat. #93159 for continuous coverage, starting at 10:55 P. M. (EST). Bob Murphy (announcer), Merrill Mueller (anchor), H. V. Kaltenborn, Ray Henley, George Hicks, Alex Dreier, Ray Scherer, Frank Bourgholtzer, Leif Eid, W. W. Chaplin. 1:22:25. Audio condition: Very good. Excerpts.

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