Election Night Speeches

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

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12089. Election Night Speeches. November 7, 1972. Pool feed. Sustaining. Senator McGovern concedes, President Nixon announces victory, Vice President Agnew's Victory Speech, President Nixon's address to campaign his workers. George McGovern, Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew. 35 minutes. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

52072. Election Night Speeches. November 3, 1992. Pool feed, NBC-TV net, C-SPAN, CNN. Concession speeches by Ross Perot, James Stockdale, George Bush, Dan Quayle. Victory speeches by Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Complete speeches, part of continuing coverage. Albert Gore, Bill Clinton, Dan Quayle, George Bush, James Stockdale, H. Ross Perot. 58:00. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete as above.

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