Eleven Memory Street

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66324. Eleven Memory Street. March 27, 1950. United Nations Radio syndication. Sustaining. A program produced in association with the International Refugee Association. A drama/documentary about how children live in post-war Europe. Maria Solyska, a Polish woman, tries to find her daughter who was taken from her by the Nazis in 1939. The story of the Nazi "Fountain Of Life" is told. It was a plan to steal children with Nordic blood and make Germans out of them. A well-done, touching documentary, excellent radio! The date above is scratched on the disc matrix, but the program may have been heard as early as March 3, 1949. See cat. #77315 for this program as broadcast on the Mutual net. Allan Sloane (writer, narrator), Eloise Sloane (assistant), Laura Domian (composer, conductotr), Gerald Keane (producer, director). 55:23. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

77315. Eleven Memory Street. March 30, 1950. Mutual net. Sustaining. A documentary broadcast produced in cooperation with United Nations Radio. The story of Yanina Sulinska, a ten year old Polish girl who was taken from her parents and given to an S.S. officer to raise. An emotional, moving story about how the United Nations located the girl and reunited her with her mother. See cat. #66324 for a version of this program syndicated by the United Nations. The program may have been broadcast as early as March 3, 1949. Allan Sloane (writer, narrator), Eloise Sloane (assistant), Lana Domian (composer, conductor), Gerald Keane (producer, director). 54:19. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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