Eyes Aloft

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71048. Eyes Aloft. December 21, 1942. NBC Pacific net. Sustaining. A program produced by the Army Air Forces Fourth Fighter Command and west coast radio stations. A program of thanks to the men and women of the Aircraft Warning Service. A story set in Oregon, during December, 1941. "Those Who Watch," is an essay of praise for the twenty thousand members who stayed atop mountains all winter, watching for the enemy. Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra, The Sportsmen, Ken Carpenter (announcer), Gayne Whitman (host), Robert L. Redd (writer, producer), The Hollywoodmen. 29:26. Audio condition: Very good. Complete.

71049. Eyes Aloft. December 28, 1942. NBC Pacific net. Sustaining. The program begins with, "Eyes Aloft: Semper Piratus." Brigadier General E. M. Morris is interviewed. From KGW, Portland, the progam presents, "The Scourge Of The Pacific." Lieutenant Robert Clark interviews Marine Captain Marion Carl (he shot down sixteen Japanese planes). The program presents a drama about the Ground Observer Corps in San Juan Capistrano. The only mechanic in town is also the head of the Corps...a serious conflict! Major Russell Smith presents an award to the San Juan Capistrano post. Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra, The Sportsmen, Ken Carpenter (anouncer), Gayne Whitman (host), E. M. Morris, Marion Carl, Robert Clark, Russell Smith, Virginia Cook (writer), Earl Elbee (? producer). 29:26. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

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