Father Cares: The Last Of Jonestown

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25675. Father Cares: The Last Of Jonestown. April 23, 1981. NPR net, WPBH-FM, Middlefield, Connecticut aircheck. Sustaining. A program of tape recordings made at The People's Temple in Guyana, which was run by James Jones. The cult ended with a mass suicide in the jungle, after the multiple murder of a Congressman and members of his party. The excerpts are from nine hundred tapes found after the deaths. The programs are based on the writings and researches of James Reston. There are shocking recordings of the "Reverend" Jones. Superb radio. The documentary is followed by a national call-in program hosted by Bill Moyers. Bill Moyers (host), James Jones, James Reston (author). 2 1/2 hours. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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