Fear On Trial

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70717. Fear On Trial. October 2, 1975. CBS-TV net audio aircheck. Sponsored by: Xerox. A drama based on the blacklisting of John Henry Faulk. The events of 1956 are dramatized in which Mr. Faulk was fired by CBS after being listed in "Aware." An excellent drama, it works very well for audio only. George C. Scott (as Louis Nizer), William Devane (as John Henry Faulk, nominated for an Emmy for this performance), Dorothy Tristan, William Redfield, Milt Kogen, Allan Miller, John Lehne, Ben Piazza, John Harkins, John McMartin, Paul Hecht, Lois Nettleton (nominated for an Emmy for this performance), John Houseman, Judd Hirsch, David Susskind (as himself), Mark Goodson (as himself), Bruce Geller (as the trial judge, he was creator of "Mission: Impossible" and Mannix" and was the son of the judge during the actual trial of "Faulk Vs. Aware"), Dorothy Rice, Paul Jenkins, Clifford David, Nicholas Pryor, William Traylor, Mona Bruns, John Lasell, Irene Robinson, Susan Kirschner, Kim Webster, Alice Backes, Maxine Cooper, Madeline Lee, Mary-Alan Hokason, Manuel Depina, Thomas Duncan, William Hellinger, Sean Peters, Alan Rachins, John M. Reed, Lamont Johnson (director, nominated for an Emmy for this program), Alan Landsburg (executive producer), Laurence D. Savadove (executive producer), Stanley Chase (producer), David W. Rintels (teleplay writer, won an Emmy for this script), William Loos (music supervisor), Jack Tillar (music supervisor). 2:01:51. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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