Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Phonograph

Copyright 2017, J. David Goldin

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73338. Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Phonograph. August 12, 1927. WOR, Newark, New Jersey. Sustaining. A broadcast of luncheon ceremonies from West Orange, New Jersey, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the phonograph. Thomas Edison speaks only briefly, reciting the first poem spoken into his invention, "Mary Had A Little Lamb." Nelson Durand (of the Edison Company) speaks, as does A. Harry Moore (Governor of New Jersey). Charles Edison (son of Thomas Edison) speaks. A phonograph record is played; the machine itself speaks in the first person. The machine's voice describes what it was like fifty years ago when Edison ordered the first talking machine built. John B. Gambling announces a band remote from The Essex County Country Club. The first selection is, "Somebody and Me." After a half hour of music, the program switches back to Louis A. Witten at the luncheon, for a summary. Thomas Edison, Nelson Durand, A. Harry Moore, Charles Edison, Louis A. Witten, Dave Kaplan and His Orchestra (also referred to as "Dave Kaplan's Melodists" and "Dave Kaplan's Happiness Orchestra"), John Gambling. 1:23:33. Audio condition: Good to very good. Incomplete.

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