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These are all the examples of this program in the radioGOLDINdex database. These listings are accurate as of October 29, 2017. The programs are listed chronologically, partial dates appear first, unknown dates appear last.

11508. Forecast. July 15, 1940. Program #2. CBS net. "The American Theatre," "The Gentleman from Indiana". Sustaining. A dramatic anthology series based on America's past. A crusading newspaper editor and the mysterious "H. Frisby." Booth Tarkington (author), Fredric March, Florence Eldridge, John Houseman (adaptor, director), Lud Gluskin (music director), Lucien Moraweck (composer). 29:32. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

11507. Forecast. July 15, 1940. Program #1. CBS net. "Battle Of Music". Sustaining. The first show of the series. A series of on-the-air network presentations for audience reaction. A series of radio "first nights." A symphonic orchestra and a swing band on one stage fight it out. Frankie Hyers, Joe Venuti, Fredda Gibson, Gordon Gifford, George Faulkner (writer), George Zachery (director), Raymond Paige, Albert Spalding (violin). 29:24. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

46761. Forecast. July 22, 1940. Program #4. CBS net. "Suspense". Sustaining. An on-the-air audition for "Suspense." "The Lodger" is presented, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. A radio adaptation of his silent film about Jack The Ripper. The "Wright Sono-Vox" is heard. Alfred Hitchcock (purported director), Herbert Marshall (narrator), Lurene Tuttle, Noreen Gammill, Edmund Gwenn, Wilbur Hatch (composer, conductor), Thomas P. Francis (announcer), Joseph Kearns (as ther voice of Alfred Hitchcock), Marie Belloc Lowndes (author), Thomas Freebairn-Smith (as Thomas Freebairn, "Forecast" announcer). 29:48. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

11509. Forecast. July 22, 1940. Program #3. CBS net. "When You Were Twenty-One". Sustaining. A comedy-variety show, forerunner of that "wonderful year" idea. A "nostalgic" look at 1919. Danny Kaye, Rush Hughes, Joan Edwards, Lyn Murray and His Orchestra, John Tillman (announcer), Jane Cowl, Ed Forman (writer), Nathaniel Curtis (writer), Sylvia Fine (writer), Brewster Morgan (director). 29:01. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

11511. Forecast. July 29, 1940. Program #6. CBS net. "Angel". Sustaining. A pilot for a series about a Red Cross nurse-to-be. A well-written flood drama. Loretta Young, Elliott Lewis, Wilbur Hatch (composer, conductor), Glenhall Taylor (director), True Boardman (writer), Dick Joy (announcer). 29:37. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

11510. Forecast. July 29, 1940. Program #5. CBS net. "Duffy's Tavern". Sustaining. The very first visit down at the tavern. Ed Gardner, F. Chase Taylor, Gertrude Niesen, John Kirby and His Orchestra, Larry Adler, Mel Allen. 29:38. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

11512. Forecast. August 5, 1940. Program #7. CBS net. "Of Stars and States". Sustaining. A program saluting a different state each week and famous stars who come from that state. A lyrical history of Texas and San Houston. The Governor of Texas and some Texas Rangers appear. The program is announced as part of a series of fourteen shows, the end of program #12 says that it is the last show of the season. Mary Martin, Kitty O'Neil, Hedda Hopper, John Boles (host), Nan Grey, Dickie Jones, Virginia Vail, Donald Barry, Ann Miller, Knox Manning, Wilbur Hatch (compoer, conductor), W. Lee O'Daniel (Governor of Texas), Lud Gluskin (musical supervisor), Charles Vanda (director). 59:08. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

46809. Forecast. August 12, 1940. Program #9. CBS net. "Leave It To Jeeves". Sustaining. A proposed comedy series based on characters created by P. G. Wodehouse. Jeeves tries to get his boss, Bertie Wooster, out of lady-trouble. An on-air audition. Alan Mowbray, Donald Morrison, Edward Everett Horton, Helen Wood, Ken Niles (announcer), Myra Marsh, P. G. Wodehouse (creator), Stuart Palmer (adaptor), Wilbur Hatch (music). 29:42. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

11513. Forecast. August 12, 1940. Program #8. CBS net. "The Life Of The Party". Sustaining. "The Life Of The Party" with Dave Ellman (host), Cortez Peters (who imitates a fife and drums corps and Bill Robinson's dancing...on a typewriter!), a guy who plays music on a fire extinguisher, David Ross reads poetry, Shirley Wayne plays the violin wearing heavy gloves, Joseph Julian plays music by squeezing his hands together, Fred Hall plays silent movie music on the piano, Hildegarde, The Dodgers Quartet (four Brooklyn ballplayers including Dixie Walker). A fun Major Bowes-esque affair. Dave Elman (host, producer, director), Cortez Peters, David Ross, Shirley Wayne, Joseph Julian, Fred Hall, Hildegarde, The Dodgers Quartet, Dixie Walker, Tex Carleton, Vito Tamulis (?), Johnny Hudson. 29:31. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

11515. Forecast. August 19, 1940. Program #10. CBS net. "Back Where I Come From". Sustaining. Woody sings about the dust bowl, Burl does his famous "Foggy Dew," Josh White does a great sermon about Noah and the ark. A program about the weather. Clifton Fadiman, Woody Guthrie, Alan Lomax (writer), Len Doyle, Burl Ives, The Golden Gate Quartet, Josh White, John Henry Faulk, Nicholas Ray (writer, director). 29:32. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

11514. Forecast. August 19, 1940. Program #11. CBS net. Double Feature: "Ever After" "To Tim, At Twenty". Sustaining. "Ever After" is an amusing comedy about Snow White and Prince Charming...three years later. "To Tim, At Twenty" is written by Norman Corwin. It is a letter is written by a doomed man at war, addressed to his son fifteen years in the future. Keith Fowler (writer), Edna Best, Mark Smith, Roy Atwill, Richard Whorf, Norman Corwin (writer), Elsa Lanchester, Charles Laughton, Wilbur Hatch (music). 29:58. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

90264. Forecast. August 26, 1940. Program #12. CBS net. "All God's Children". Sustaining. The first of two on-air auditions (on this date). A comedy/historical drama with an (almost) all-Negro cast. Paul Robeson, Eddie Green, Amanda Randolph, The Eva Jesse Choir, Mark Warnow and His Orchestra, Earl Robinson (composer), John Whedon (lyrics, writer), John Latouche (lyrics), George Faulkner (lyrics), John Tucker Adams (writer), Sarah Bohan (director). 29:39. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

46810. Forecast. August 26, 1940. Program #13. CBS net. "Bethel Merriday". Sustaining. The second of two on-air auditions (on this date) of a comedy/romance series about a small-town girl determined to become an actress on the stage. Bob Burleson, Byron Kane, Helen Deutsch (adaptor), Howard Da Silva, Lurene Tuttle, Margaret Sullavan, Norman Corwin (director), Norman Field, Paula Winslowe, Sinclair Lewis (author), Wilbur Hatch (composer, conductor). 24:46. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

90266. Forecast. July 14, 1941. Program #1. CBS net. "Arabian Nights". Sustaining. An on-air audition of a new program from Hollywood. Tales of 1001 nights, starting with the story of King Schahriah. The music of Rimsky-Korsakov is given a good workout. Marlene Dietrich (as "Scheherezade"), True Boardman (adaptor), Charles Vanda (director). 43:22. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

90267. Forecast. July 21, 1941. Program #2. CBS net. "Fifty-One East Fifty-One". Sustaining. Kay Thompson, Eric Rhodes, Lionel Stander, Everett Sloane, Archie Bleyer and His Orchestra, Robert Sloane (writer, director), Leonardo Berkovesey (? writer, director), Jackson Weaver (announcer). 29:36. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

11516. Forecast. July 21, 1941. Program #3. CBS net. "The Memoires Of Mischa The Magnificent". Sustaining. A situation comedy about a romantic but impoverished Casanova looking for love and the rent money. Wilbur Hatch (composer, conductor), Roz Rogers (writer), Carl Hertzinger (writer), Sterling Tracy (director), Frank Goss (announcer), Mischa Auer, Arthur Q. Bryan. 26:31. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

11518. Forecast. July 28, 1941. Program #5. CBS net. "Deductions Deluxe". Sustaining. A comic mystery show called, "The Mystery Of The Painted Poodle" is solved. Adolphe Menjou, Verree Teasdale, Verna Felton, Arthur Q. Bryan, Keith Fowler (conceiver, writer, producer), Frank Galen (conceiver, writer, producer), Wilbur Hatch (composer, conductor), Edwin Max, Gerald Mohr, Kathleen Fitz, Frank Goss (announcer). 29:28. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

11517. Forecast. July 28, 1941. Program #4. CBS net. "Pibby and The Houlihans". Sustaining. An Irish comedy. Pibby thinks he's inherited a fortune, but not quite. Dudley Digges, George Corey (writer), Earle McGill (director), Charles Paul (musical effects). 29:18. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

90265. Forecast. August 4, 1941. Program #6. CBS net. "Song Without End". Sustaining. An on-air audition of a new program from New York, based on the lives of famous composers. The dramatized stories of Claude Debussy and other composers, using music written by them. Burgess Meredith, Margo, The Columbia Symphony Orchestra (70 pieces), Howard Barlow (conductor), William Spier (producer, director), Jean Holloway (writer), John Tillman (announcer), Warren Sweeney (announcer). 59:39. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

81967. Forecast. August 11, 1941. Program #8. CBS net. "Hopalong Cassidy". Sustaining. The first radio appearance of the famous character from novels and the movies. The first tune is, "There's A Roundup In The Sky." Judge Marlin seems to be in big trouble after his wife died. Hoppy moseys over to investigate. The lead is not played by William Boyd. Clarence Mulford (creator), Bob Moon (announcer), Paul Pierce (writer, director), Wilbur Hatch (music), Lou Merrill, Gerald Mohr, Charles Vanda (director). 31:24. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

11519. Forecast. August 11, 1941. Program #7. CBS net. "Class Of '41". Sustaining. A revue of "newcomers to showbiz." Al Bernie, Arnold Stang, Ben Little, Jim Backus (performer, writer), Gwen Davies, Abe Burrows (producer), Lyn Murray and His Orchestra, The Choralites, Jack Jordan, Timmy Hygrin (?), Eddie O'Shea, Herb Rickles (writer), Sid Rogers (writer), Ernest Lehman (writer), Sid Garfield (writer), Larry Berns (writer), Mac Benoff (producer), Perry Lafferty (composer, director), Jackson Wheeler (announcer). 29:20. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

11520. Forecast. August 18, 1941. Program #9. CBS net. "The Country Lawyer". Sustaining. A story about a rural lawyer named Samuel Seldon Partridge in mid-America during the 1880's. An eccentric old-timer is accused of being a firebug. Possibly dated August 19, 1941. Art Gilmore (announcer), Arthur Q. Bryan, Bea Benaderet, Benny Rubin, Berry Kroeger, Charles Vanda (producer, director), Earle Ross, Edgar Barrier, Edwin Max, Frank Graham (host), Grace Lenard, Harold Medford (Technical Sergeant, writer), Jerry Hausner, Joseph Kearns, Kathleen Fitz, Knox Manning, Raymond Massey (narrator), Wilbur Hatch (music). 59:52. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

50443. Forecast. August 25, 1941. Program #11. CBS net. "A Tour Of Hollywood". Sustaining. Tony Martin starts the program by singing, "Tonight We Love," heard for the first time anywhere." "Shangri-Lahr" opens a Hollywood beauty parlor. A pleasant revue format, but no magic. Tony Martin, Bert Lahr, Linda Ware (vocal), David Rose and His Orchestra, Sam Perrin (writer), Herb Polesie (conceiver, director), Frank Goss (announcer), Nat Goldstone (supervisor). 27:56. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

11521. Forecast. September 1, 1941. Program #12. CBS net. "Jubilee". Sustaining. An all-star Negro variety revue. Produced in co-operation with The Negro Radio Workshop. A drama called, "Tree Of Hope" is featured. Part one originates from New York, part two was broadcast from Hollywood. About five minutes have been deleted from the program. Part one has been dated August 25, 1941, part two has been dated September 1, 1941. The discs also referred to the two parts as "program #9 and #12). The dates are approximate. Program #12 is announced as the last show of the series. The first part is in excellent audio, the second part (from Hollywood) is good to very good. Ethel Waters, Duke Ellington, The Hall Johnson Choir, Hamtree Harrington, Flournoy Miller, The Juanita Hall Choir, Wonderful Smith, Orson Welles (briefly), Georgette Harvey, Juano Hernandez (narrator), Phil Cohan (director, New York), Jean Holloway (writer), Charles Vanda (director, Hollywood, associate producer), William Spier (associate producer), Horace Wilke (? Hollywood commentator, he refers to himself as "Central Avenue Horace"), W. B. Lewis (production chief). 29:17. Audio condition: Very good. Incomplete.

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