Former President Harry Truman

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93487. Former President Harry Truman. November 16, 1953. CBS net, KOOK, Billings Montana aircheck. Sponsored by: Arvin-Marshall-Wells co-op (local), Henry J (Lowell Thomas). Speaking from Kansas City, Mr. Truman speaks about the accusations against Harry Dexter, an assistant Secretary of the Treasury. He says, "This is shameful demagoguery." "The administration of justice has been turned into political trickery. "He has degraded his office and lied." A fighting defense of Mr. Truman's administration against "McCarthyism." The final 13:56 of Mr. Truman's speach, followed by recorded music and then, "Lowell Thomas and The News." Mr. Thomas summarized Mr. Truman's speach. Harry Truman, Lowell Thomas. 27:40. Audio condition: Very good. Incomplete.

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