Four Star Revue

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64355. Four Star Revue. June 1951. NBC-TV net audio aircheck. Sponsored by: Motorola, Pet Milk. Jimmy visits a travel bureau and winds up in Bali. Guest Fred Allen plays his clarinet and sings. Eddie Cantor appears briefly as "Maxie The Taxi" and then visits Jimmy at the "Club Durante." Eddie imitates Jimmy, Jimmy imitates Eddie. Fred Allen is running a TV station in the north woods of Maine. The program opening is slightly upcut, two of the commercials may be missing. The date is approximate. Jimmy Durante, Eddie Cantor, Fred Allen, Jack Roth, Jules Buffano, Al Norman, Milton Frome, Belle Flower, Abe Vigoda, Roy Bargy (music director), Andre Baruch (announcer), Joseph Stanley (producer, director), Charles Isaacs (writer), Jack Elinson (writer), Phil Cohan (associate producer). 57:40. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete as above.

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