Frank Knox

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These are all the examples of this program in the radioGOLDINdex database. These listings are accurate as of October 29, 2017. The programs are listed chronologically, partial dates appear first, unknown dates appear last.

81997. Frank Knox. June 12, 1936. NBC net. Sustaining. An address by Mr. Knox, the Republican Party vice-presidential candidate. This was Mr. Knox's first statement as a candidate. He received the nomination only that morning. The broadcast originates from Mr. Knox's office in Chicago. Mr. Knox speaks for 4:07, followed a program of vocals by Red MacKenzie, accompanied by Jerry Sears and His Orchestra. The first tune is, "There's A Small Hotel." Frank Knox, Jerry Sears and His Orchestra, Red McKenzie. 15:56. Audio condition: Very good. Complete.

81999. Frank Knox. October 28, 1936. Blue Network. 9:00 P. M. A paid political announcement. An address by Colonel Frank Knox, the vice-presidential candidate of the Republican Party. The broadcast originates from Avalon Hall, La Crosse, Wisconsin. Frank Knox. 30:55. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

14201. Frank Knox. April 24, 1941. Mutual net. Sustaining. The Secretary of the Navy addresses the American Newspaper Association. An analysis of the Russo-Japanese agreement. Frank Knox. 10:57. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

14281. Frank Knox. October 27, 1942. Mutual net. Sustaining. The Secretary of the Navy, speaking from the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Waldorf Astoria, New York City. A Navy Day address. Admiral Ernest King also speaks from the Hotel LaSalle, Chicago. Frank Knox, Ernest King. 29 1/2 minutes. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

14283. Frank Knox. December 2, 1942. Mutual net. Sustaining. The Secretary of the Navy speaks to the convention of The National Association Of Manufacturers. The program originates from the Waldorf Astoria, New York City. He discusses the progress of the war. The first 32:11 of the program only. Frank Knox. 32:11. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

76281. Frank Knox. January 13, 1944. Blue Network. Sustaining. The broadcast originates from The Statler Hilton Hotel, Cleveland. The Secretary of The Navy addresses a meeting of the greater Cleveland of The Boy Scouts of America. A talk about the importance of scouting during wartime. He also advocates universal military training. The broadcast preempts "Coca Cola Spotlight Bands." The first 20:07 of the broadcast only. Frank Knox. 20:07. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

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