Free World Theatre

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97096. Free World Theatre. May 9, 1943. Program #12. Blue Network. "The Last Will and Testament Of Tom Smith". Sustaining. The thoughts of pilot who has been captured by the Japanese and is awaiting his execution. Produced in co-operation of the Hollywood Victory Committee, the Hollywood Writers' Mobilization and The Office of War Information. James Cagney, Stephen Longstreet (wrtier), Arch Oboler (producer, director), Lou Merrill, Barbara Eiler, Hans Conried, Norman Field, Griff Barnett, Stanley Farrar, Byron Kane, Gordon Jenkins (composer, conductor), Harry Tad (? sound), Vic Perrin (announcer). 29:14. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

97097. Free World Theatre. June 27, 1943. Program #19. Blue Network. "V-Day". Sustaining. The last show of the series. A young German boy anticipates the day of victory, and the defeat of his own country. Produced in co-operation with the Hollywood Victory Committee, the Hollywood Writers Mobilization and the Office of War Information. Frank Lovejoy, Tommy Cook, Arch Oboler (writer, director, producer), Ben Alexander, Mercedes McCambridge, Lou Merrill, Joseph Kearns, Hans Conried, George Sorel, Erik Rolf, Philip Van Zandt, Jerome Maraud (? composer, conductor), Monte Fraser (sound), Betty Boyle (sound), Robert Rawson (? chairman of the Hollywood Writers Mobilization), Reed Browning (announcer). 28:36. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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