Friar's Club Roast

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71099. Friar's Club Roast. April 4, 1948. A tribute to George Jessel, not for broadcast. The program begins with "The Jessel Cantata," composed by Mark Warnow. The roast took place at The Biltmore Bowl, The Biltmore Hotel in Hollywood. Al Jolson refers to the Chinese as "Chinks" and sings, "My Mother's Eyes" (Jessel must have loved that!), "Easter Bonnet" and "The Nearest Thing To Heaven." George Jessel responds. Jack Benny (toastmaster), Mark Warnow (composer), Eddie Cantor, Danny Kaye, Samuel Goldwyn, George Burns, Pat O'Brien, Louis B. Mayer, Bob Hope, Goodwin Knight (Lieutennt Governor, California), Fletcher Bowron (Mayor of Los Angeles), Al Jolson, George Jessel. 1:54:03. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Incomplete.

71097. Friar's Club Roast. December 1955. The guest of honor is Humphrey Bogart, who makes a short speech of thanks. Lauren Bacall sits on the dias (only the third woman to do so) and speaks briefly. Not for broadcast. Red Buttons (m.c.), Ed Weiner (historian of the Friars), Lauren Bacall, Alan King, Maurice Chevalier, Lou Holtz, Phil Silvers, Gene Baylis (?), Solly Bylinski (?), Jan Murray (who obviously knew very little about Bogart and hadn't much to say). 1:13:9. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Incomplete.

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